Freedom in The Body

Freedom in The Body

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One on the forms freedom is to have  the body trained to such an extent that it becomes a tool for creativity and expression of the movement. Moving or dancing with another is a form of non-verbal communication through physical contact between two humans.

We often talk about “physical education” in society as something that is optional rather than something that is an inherent part of being human where the mind is perceived as superior to the body.

But all forms of movement, whether through sports or dance train us the “body language”. We focus our minds on learning a verbal language yet we forget that we are constantly using our arms/bodies (body language)/

The technical skills become so deeply ingrained in our subconscious and our muscle memory that we can finally express ourselves without limitations. That is true FREEDOM in our bodies.

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Author: Giedrė Kotryna Kazragytė

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