Defense or Offense?

Defense or Offense?

Defense or Offense? 150 150 Sports Together

In our last training session our Capoeira trainer Ugnius asked us a very insightful question: what way me move (or how we dance- as a LEAD or we FOLLOW?) . The main focus was placed on observing our instinctual inclination to either ATTACK or RETREAT. Most tend to feel more comfortable in one or the other. This can be easily witnessed in how people train in martial arts. Do we avoid being “hit” and direct our energy towards escaping any confrontation? Or do we do the opposite and “attack” first out of fear of being “hit”? Or maybe we feel more comfortable “attacking” yet when someone “attacks” us back we feel unable to stand our ground in defence.

Our last workshop was focused on balancing our internal ability to both enter DEFEnCSE and OFFENCE when needed. We were able to observe our body’s natural “comfort zone” in order to push it. The goal was to find out our weakest spot and develop that part so we can become a more wholesome individual in all areas of our life. Because if we tend to live life out of a position of “defence” avoiding confrontation at all costs, we need to find the inner courage to put ourselves out into the world and take action. Similarly, if our all our energy is focused on “offence”, and we do not know how to stop and take a pause in order to recover  we may benefit from learning how to preserve our energy inwards. After all, life is constantly moving between cycles of ACTIVITY and PASSIVITY.

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Author: Giedre Kotryna

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