Closing of the project & new beginnings

Closing of the project & new beginnings

Closing of the project & new beginnings 150 150 Sports Together

We’ve been working with refugees & migrants for a year now. “Capoeira Connects Community”project has not only taught us some slick moves, but also made us realise that most of the asylum seekers are struggling with the same issue – feeling lonely, missing their family, friends, and culture.

That’s why we were organising “We all Want the Same” – a public event where we invite locals and newcomers to meet each other, to hear out some UNBELIEVABLE real life stories that refugees and migrants have to share.

During the intimate dialogue with the refugees living in Lithuania different projects aimed at bettering their experience here were introduced one of those was a new project “Youth connections”. It’s purpose is fostering better methods of communication and creating long lasting bonds between Europeans and non-Europeans. During the projects lifespan refugees will be invited to workshops, social events and just simple talks in a random Vilnius coffee shop. Even though it has just begun you can look for all the updates in their media pages.

Ready? Good! Go!

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