Acrobatics and Capoeira

Acrobatics and Capoeira

Acrobatics and Capoeira 150 150 Sports Together

Every Capoeira class seems to be unique or focused around a particular theme. The last session has involved a lot of acrobatic training, developing the body’s coordination skills, balance as and strength of the core. One of our mentors – Ugnius from “Kaunas Capoeira” mentioned that all of the exercises done individually for example during training at a gym can work out with a partner during Capoeira. After all, it is a much greater challenge to maintain balance while trying to work with another body. Furthermore, our class this time was focused on working together in couples. Requiring us to not only be aware of our own body but to take care of the another body as well. At the end of the day, this teaches us greater awareness of how our body’s move through, how to shift weight and what muscles need to be activated in order to support particular moves. During our training we played around learning cartwheels, handstands and side – kicks which brought us back to the simple joy that we experienced when we were kids and where playing around.

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Author: Giedre Kotryna

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