1st Training Course

1st Training Course

1st Training Course 150 150 Sports Together

First “Capoeira Connects Community” training course gathered 20 young people to Kaunas, Lithuania on 7-10th of March. During the training participants learned more about current refugee situation, how other European countries are integrating refugee/migrants in the  society. Furthemore,  possible solution on refugee involvement through capoeira, which our team succeed to do.


One of the best ways for transfer of knowledge and experience is Non Formal Education, hence all of the activities carried out during the training course were focused around that. Team and roundtable discussions, interactive presentation by guest speaker, various interactive workshops – all of the activities were facilitated to ensure active participation of all participants and active exchange of ideas and knowledge. As Capoeira was one of the main focus there where hours of Capoeira practises.

Project’s schedule, activities and material:

  • Lithuanian Media about 1st Capoeira Training Course;
  • Shortcut of Capoeira Class;
  • Capoeira Community Facebook Group;
  • Schedule of the training course;
  • Info pack of the training course, with all the information for project participants (in LT);
  • How did we searched for the right participants? Collaborating with the other NGO’s, through their channels: EmokyklaApskritasisstalas; ActiveYouth.