“Sports Together” Badge is a recognition-tool designed for organisations or individuals who are working towards togetherness & openness to everyone!

This badge welcomes people and/or organisations, who are making a positive change in the way refugees are treated and integrated through various sports-related activities.

Sports festival, private (or public) training sessions or regularly held bike ride – if your name applies to any of these (or any other you can think of) sports activity apply to get the label today and join our community of “tomorrow makers”!

How to use this badge?

The badge design was chosen through an open-to-public competition. Now it’s your time to use it!

The key goal of the badge is to represent an open, refugee-friendly environment.

Those who fit the criteria and are awarded will receive: 
(1) a certificate of compliance (perfect for the office); 
(2) stickers to use in public; 
(3) online badge for your website/digital use. 

At the same time, the list of local refugee-friendly organisations and individuals will be published here so that others could see the great work they do.

So don’t hesitate and help us rightfully award socially responsible organisations and individuals!

Who is Eligible to Receive the Label?

It welcomes ideas of difference and represents a positive push towards lowering xenophobia against refugees. 

If you are helping refugees in any way – apply to get the badge! Yet, be sure to meet one of the set criteria:

1. Employment of refugees;
2. Service/Product creation for refugees;
3. Awareness raising for better public-opinion & integration;
4. Response to the basic needs of refugees. 

If you think that you make good deeds in any of these categories – apply to get the badge! If you know others who do it, you can apply on their behalf as well.

Note: after receiving your nominations, each candidate will then be cross-checked for compliance with the mentioned criteria. 


Awarded organisations

Lietuvos Raudonojo Kryžiaus Draugijos Pabėgėlių Ir Migrantų Centras InLT

VA Caritas integracinis dienos centras Pabradėje „Kultūrų įkalnė“.

VA Caritas užsieniečių integracijos programa

Žolės riedulio klubas „Žuvėdra“

LSU Tautinių šokių ansamblis RASA

Aktyvaus poilsio organizuotojai „Miško istorijos“

„Kaunas Capoeira“

Sporto bendruomenė „Šešios trim“

Aktyvaus sporto organisatoriai ``Kertam Kampą``

BEACTIVE LT - Europos sporto savaitė

Pavilnių regioninis parkas

Verkių regioninis parkas

Vilniaus universitetas

Ruklos pabėgėlių priėmimo centras

Užsieniečių registracijos centras Pabradėje