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Initiatives in Lithuania:


Kauno maratonas
Vilniaus maratonas
Bėgimo taurė
Atrask Krekenavą
Vilnius Challenge

Initiatives in Europe:


Denmark Integration of Refugees Trought Sports (IRTS) – Integration of refugees through sport and physical activity.
Germany State Sport Confederation of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern  Helped sport clubs and federations in creating projects to include migrants, refugees and other people who suffer from social disadvantages.
Germany The Saxon Sports Association  The aim is to integrate refugees in all areas of club life
Belgium Jeunes réfugiés à Kraainem Football  Kraainem Football Club together with Centre de Réfugiés Fedasil de Woluwe Saint-Pierre are offering small groups courses in French combined with football training together with the youths from the club to foster language learning, forming of friendships, social integration as well as talent spotting. The young people are provided with a meal as well as football equipment (which is donated by club members). Each week around 20 young people take part which the refugee centre selects. The project is supported mostly by volunteers from the club.
Germany Türkiyemspor By virtue of its sporting triumphs, it has become the figurehead of Berlin’s Turkish community and the multicultural district of Kreuzberg. Particularly in its period of sporting success, Türkiyemspor was not only a positive role model for Turkishborn immigrants as it also proved to migrant workers on the whole that they too can celebrate successes under the same conditions and not have to perish into the majority society.
Germany Spin – Sport Interkulturell a_Migracoes/Documentos/inclusion_in_sport_guidelines.pdf The “spin – sport interkulturell” model project focuses on girls/ young women with an immigration background. The model project “spin” has been running since 2007 in selected towns in the Ruhr area of Duisburg, Essen, Gelsenkirchen, and Oberhausen and is set to run for 11 years.
Germany SG Egelsbach – Mitternachtsfußball The main aim is to help refugees integrate into the local society. Many of the migrants have fled war torn countries such as Syria, Afghanistan and Somalia and are able to use football to help rebuild a sense of belonging in the local community as well as allowing them to express their feelings.
Spain Tant se val d’on venim Tant se val d’on venim is a line from the first verse of the Barcelona anthem, using such well renowned phrase could reinforce a positive stereotype for the migrants as they are related to their anthem. The campaigns three objectives are, fundraising, social awareness and integration of those affected by the migrant crisis.
Spain Mancomunidad El Záncara The programme was funded by the National Ministry and regional governments of Cuenca, targeting migrants and members of the Spanish community who are socially disadvantaged. To increase participation and improve integration migrants were advised to invite friends and schoolmates, further helping to remove differences between immigrants and locals.
Francia Sport dans la ville Sport Dans la Ville (Sport in the City) is an organisation that operates in Lyon, Paris, Grenoble and Saint Etienne and is one of the leading organisations in the field of integration through sport. The organisation aims to engage disadvantaged young people through a range of activities.
Croatia Croatia Centre for Peace Studies The Centre for Peace Studies (CPS) is a non-profit, non- governmental organisation promoting social change through education, research and activism in Croatia. The organisation has three main areas on which it focuses, including combatting xenophobia.
England Canterbury Rugby Club and Migrant Help UK news/community-engagement/conversion-to-rugby-overcomes- migrants-language-barrier/ The partnership between Migrant Help UK and Canterbury Rugby Club aims to integrate newly arrived male and female migrants from ages 6 and above into the local community through rugby.
Italy Balon mundial Promote diversity with soccer as a main tool
England Sport 4 Life Sport 4 Life is a Birmingham-based charity that aims to support disadvantaged young people between 12 and 25 by using sport as a hook to improving key life skills and promoting employability.
Italy UISP Genova and Macaia Association The third edition of the anti-racist football tournament saw the participation of 24 teams made up of social communities, associations, students, social workers, supporters and new Genoese from Ecuador, Morocco, Tunisia, Peru, China, Senegal, Nigeria and Romania.
Italy UISP and local committee of Brescia In the town of Brescia a network of associations active in work with people with a migrant background, among them UISP, the local committee of Brescia, realised that it was difficult to involve the strong community of Asian people (e.g. from Pakistan, Sri Lanka etc.) in the organised sport activities.
Ireland Sport Against Racism Ireland athletics/ The programme involves mass participation of (20,000) male and female migrants and ethnic minorities (age 14+) from diverse ethnic backgrounds in a series of athletic events designed to run throughout the calendar period of two Olympic Games.
Hungary Oltatom Sport Association (OSA) The Oltatom Sport Association (OSA) supports the participation of disadvantaged youth, homeless people, refugees and minorities in sports and social activities.
Spain Professional Football Foundation/ LaLiga (La Liga non stop) LaLiga took the opportunity to consolidate its association with UNICEF, making a donation to support the humanitarian work being carried out by the organisation with refugee children.
Spain Red Deporte y Cooperación Red Deporte y Cooperación (Sport and Cooperation Network) is an NGO that is based both in Spain and in the United States. It aims to empower and educate young people and bring together communities using the power of sport. It works mainly in Africa, South America and the Caribbean, but also operates in Spain and to a lesser extent in Eastern Europe.

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