World Refugee Day 2

In the morning of 20th of June, World Refugee Day, “Sports Together” team went to Rukla, to volunteer in a event held by Refugee reception centre. We were really excited to see how many people came from all Lithuanian to this social centre where refugees lived.

There was a large stage where concerts and flash mobs took place. Refugees together with locals and volunteers had a chance to make traditional salad called “Balta mišrainė”. Moreover, local sport clubs created an opportunity for refugees to participate in competitive football game. This meeting was useful for both refugees and migrants because sports instructors need a network of contacts in social organizations and more personal relationships with refugees as well. Initiatives in refugee community houses or centres helps sport trainers  to know more about issues that concerns refugees. 

During the event there was a large table with all sorts of Lithuanian, Afghan, Syrian and Chechen foods. The participants had the opportunity to try some exotic dishes made by migrants. It was a wonderful time because refugees could expand their social networks and shared their stories with locals.


This is a part of the one year project “Sports Together” Co-funded by European Union. Therefore, we are planing to implement more various sporting activities in the future.

If you want to volunteer write us!

Photo credit: Deivydas Čepas