Conference on Refugee Integration Through Sports

In the evening of 18th of December, our team invited refugees, integration and sports workers to discuss the power of sports for social integration together with the general public. The conference was the final event of the project “Sports Together”.

The event took place in Vilnius Youth Information Centre in Vilnius Municipality. Guest speakers, such as Kriss Kross Kronikles, IronVytas and Ieva Zasimauskaitė were invited to talk about their personal relationship with sports and to share their insights about what sports can give to each of us as an individual and to all of us as a community.

During the conference, two finalist ideas of “Social Sports Idea Challenge” were presented and the winner was chosen by the participants of the event. “Urban Hockey” idea by field hockey club “Žuvėdra” received the greatest support. Come spring, a series of events will be organised in various important locations across Vilnius city, where the refugees and migrants living in Lithuania will have a chance to take part and learn about Lithuania’s culture and history while also learning field hockey skills.

Below you can see the moments of the conference:

"Kodėl verta rinktis sveiką gyvenimo būdą?"

Almost two weeks ago, on the 18th of December, we held a conference on sports and a healthy lifestyle. It was marvellous to see people who were active participants of our sports events for long months as well as to see the new faces, excited to learn about sports, healthy living and social responsibility! We had lots of fun talking about such serious topics. Huge thanks to our guest speakers Ironvytas, Ieva Zasimauskaitė and Kris Kross Kronicles, who shared their very personal relationship with sports and inspired us all to go into New Year with a few more goals – be it to run a marathon or start meditating. In the end, it is not that different! :)It is still unbelievable to think of all the adventures we had this year. A very sincere "Thank You" from the bottom of our hearts goes to all the partners, volunteers and everyone who supported us. And of course, congratulations to Žolės riedulio klubas „Žuvėdra“ for winning the Sports Initiative Idea Challenge with their concept "Urban Hockey". We look forward to learning hockey skills while learning about Vilnius' history.The best moments of the conference in the video below.

Posted by Refugees in Europe on 2018 m. gruodžio 31 d., pirmadienis