Capoeira Day

Capoeira Day

Capoeira Day 150 150 Sports Together

On 28th of July in beautiful Vingio parkas which is located in the capital of Lithuania we organised a public event where we invited people who we already knew, thanks to this beautiful project, as well we were inviting new people to try Capoeira with us – as we believe that Capoeira is a perfect tool for connecting community.

Refugees and those who were participating in our 1st/2nd training course had a chance to demonstrate their capoeira skills on Capoeira Day. Refugees & others made a performance for the newcomers and where encouraging them to play capoeira together.

The trainer from Kaunas Capoeira shared his experience and feelings working with this project, the same thing did other people who where  involved in this project.

As one of our participants wrote:
When the last day of the “Capoeira Connects Community” project came and we were coming all together for the Capoeira day as a group to share Capoeira, many of us were tired and even intimidated about the idea of openly displaying individual skills in front of the public. Yet more than anything, what was driving us to be there for each other – we felt empowered by each others presence, by our unique trialling experience we had, sharing everything from sweat to laughter! We had a common goal and the unique core principles of capoeira – UNITY- as our main driving force and we felt connected as ONE. Our moves may have not been perfect, our Portuguese – less than ideal, our bodies – fatigued, we were singing our hearts out, teaching new people with openness and compassion, and feeling the silent solidarity amongst each other.
– Giedrė Kotryna Kazragytė