“It is a disgrace to grow old through sheer carelessness before seeing what manner of man you may become by developing your bodily strength and beauty to their highest limit.” – Socrates
Capoeira Connects Europe aims to encourage young people to engage in an active lifestyle through capoeira. Our goal is to reduce the social exclusion of disadvantaged youth while promoting empathy and tolerance

The project will focus on:

Involve underprivileged youth into activities and boost their confidence and self-esteem

Promote capoeira as an inclusive activity

Help young people to stay fit and healthy, bring them closer to the community

Teach youth workers about such capoeira, its history, inclusive side of this sport

Capoeira is an afro-Brazilian martial art developed by enslaved Africans in Brazil at the beginning of the 16th century.
It incorporates games, music, and dance.
Capoeira can be used as a therapeutic activity that brings members of a community closer together.


Training course in Latvia

During the course, youth workers will be provided with technical and practical knowledge.

They will practice and gain basic skills of capoeira and will learn non-formal education techniques of how to use capoeira as a tool of social inclusion of disadvantaged youth.

Also, they will learn how to organize local capoeira events.

Training course in Estonia

A second training is held to deepen the knowledge acquired during the first training in Latvia.

It will prepare the youth workers to organize local capoeira events, as well as working with social inclusion using capoeira in the future.

Local Capoeira Classes

Local classes will aim to bring as many different people as possible with a special focus on those coming from disadvantaged backgrounds, minorities or discriminated social groups.

The classes will motivate people to pick up sports and keep practising them, to make new connections, to feel the positive impact of doing capoeira in big diverse groups and shed light on equal opportunities in sports.

Final Event

The final event will happen in each of the partner countries after the set up of local classes. It will be the first free public capoeira event happening in different countries at the exact same time.

Training Courses

Latvia – Riga

Estonia – Tallinn

This project was amazing, the people were amazing, we learned a lot in a few days and I wish we had more time together as a group. I learned a lot of new things about capoeira and different cultures. It was perfect
– Raiza from Malta
For me, it’s not always easy to step out of my comfort zone and feel safe, but I felt like everyone was on the same boat since the Capoeira thing was a first for most people, that it made me feel accepted and comfortable. Thank you so much for that – Kylie from Malta
I will take away the feeling of being safe and cozy in a remote place, with strangers. The experience of unitness in capoeira – Panni from Hungary

Local Capoeira Classes





The final day of the project “Capoeira Connects Europe” went great. The youth has showcased what they learned in the previous days during local capoeira classes. The best of them were awarded. After the event we had a nice get together and shared our emotions. We are very happy to have participated in such an unforgettable event
– Maardu Youth Centre Estonia


Capokids Capoeira Latvia

A place where non-formal educational methods and capoeira culture are used to provide sports education to everyone. Capokids academy became one of the most popular places in Riga, where any kid learns to become physically developed and fit. Capokids organization has been active on the national level and has realized projects for kids and youth.

Subjective Values Foundation

The foundation aims to support an ongoing dialogue between cultures, to create a sustainable society, and to promote the European ideals in Hungary. It implements projects connected to cultural diversity, art, antiracism, poverty or environmental protection.

The Żejtun Local Council

The local government authority is mainly responsible for the upkeep of the locality of Żejtun. It works on the social development of the community, on fostering a healthy lifestyle amongst the residents of the community and enhancing empowerment and solidarity.

Spordi-ja Kultuuriselt Capoeira Vadeia

A non-profit organization based in Estonia that works on teaching and developing capoeira as sports and as inclusive culture. 

Active Youth Association

A for-purpose organisation working with youth and communities in need in Lithuania and across borders. With extensive experience in non-formal education, the association mainly works on migration, entrepreneurship, healthy lifestyle and human rights.

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