Closing of the project & new beginnings 150 150 Sports Together

Closing of the project & new beginnings

We’ve been working with refugees & migrants for a year now. “Capoeira Connects Community”project has not only taught us some slick moves, but also made us realise that most of the asylum seekers are struggling with the same issue – feeling lonely, missing their family, friends, and culture. That’s why we were organising “We all…

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Defense or Offense? 150 150 Sports Together

Defense or Offense?

In our last training session our Capoeira trainer Ugnius asked us a very insightful question: what way me move (or how we dance- as a LEAD or we FOLLOW?) . The main focus was placed on observing our instinctual inclination to either ATTACK or RETREAT. Most tend to feel more comfortable in one or the…

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Zoo Capoeira 150 150 Sports Together

Zoo Capoeira

Sometimes there are days when we want more to “play” than “work”. During these kind of days the best way to begin a training is with “zoo” capoeira. Although this form of capoeira seems to be the most suitable for kids but sometimes “young adults” needs to play too. The name “zoo” naturally implies animals.…

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Freedom in The Body 150 150 Sports Together

Freedom in The Body

One on the forms freedom is to have  the body trained to such an extent that it becomes a tool for creativity and expression of the movement. Moving or dancing with another is a form of non-verbal communication through physical contact between two humans. We often talk about “physical education” in society as something that…

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Acrobatics and Capoeira 150 150 Sports Together

Acrobatics and Capoeira

Every Capoeira class seems to be unique or focused around a particular theme. The last session has involved a lot of acrobatic training, developing the body’s coordination skills, balance as and strength of the core. One of our mentors – Ugnius from “Kaunas Capoeira” mentioned that all of the exercises done individually for example during…

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How Capoeira Can Teach Us Tolerance? 150 150 Sports Together

How Capoeira Can Teach Us Tolerance?

Last time during our second Capoeira workshop at Žalianamis – atviras jaunimo centras. Our Audrius Kiuberis began the opening circle with a talk about tolerance. Instantly, the theory was put into practice as some new participants were eager to get the training started, getting impatient with the discussion and waiting to spring into action mode. What is tolerance then?…

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